About Us

At ABronzTail we offer a luxurious spa-like spray tanning experience, with an “individualized plan” for every one of our clients. Our tans are customized for your unique skin type, tone, and texture. We also take into consideration your hair/eye color, occasion, and the season of the year when creating your custom formula. At the beginning of every appointment, we consult with you to learn more about where you are planning to show off your tan, and collaborate with you on the perfect shade for your day-to-day life or special event.

We believe that wherever you are going, and whoever you are, you deserve to look and feel your best!  Since 2009, we have been enhancing the skin of brides, models, and lifestyle enthusiasts into our customized shades. Using only the highest-quality organic ingredients, our signature products and formulas are infused with ultra-hydrating, anti-aging, and skin-firming elements. You not only leave with a beautiful custom glow, but an all-over body-tightening and toning experience too!

At ABronzTail, we also enhance our treatments for every client, with red light therapy, and our custom 4-Step Skin Transformation. Red Light therapy speeds the healing of the body, reduces inflammation, and helps hydration levels in the skin. Our 4-Step Skin Transformation helps prepare your skin to maximize the absorption of your tan, ensuring the longest-lasting result possible. We make sure you are always warm and cozy, and never cold, while receiving your treatment…and our built-in booth fans ensure your tan dries quickly and evenly.  The entire experience will leave you feeling absolutely reinvigorated!

While you are with us, there is no rush or fuss with our service, we book 1-hour appointments, to allow you to be at ease, and to comfortably chat through your dream look. Client satisfaction is our #1 Priority and we guarantee the quality of our services, and value our many repeat clients. We want you to look and feel beautiful every time you leave our studio!

We look forward to getting to know you, and collaborating with you, on your perfect tan...What can we get you ready for?

Experience the Difference…Experience A Bronz Tail

Our Brand Creator, Christina Passanisi

As a consummate entrepreneur with a natural gift of beauty and artistry, and a strong scientific background, it was always a dream of hers, to create a “next-level experience” in airbrush tanning. Christina’s outgoing personality, passion for people, creativity, and commitment to excellence, enabled her to develop the most unique, spa-like, “curated” spray tanning service of its kind, ABronzTail.

Throughout Christina’s long history of receiving spray tans herself, she realized that there were two things that were missing in the tanning industry: “Attention to Detail” and “Personal Relationships”. Christina realized that in order to achieve the best results, it’s important to not cut corners or take a “one size fits all” approach. Christina launched ABronzTail to differentiate the overall experience, while also developing her own line of self-tanning formula. Knowing her clients demand for overall better skin, ABronzTail’s tanning formulation uses the highest-quality, organic ingredients. It also includes skin firming and toning agents, as well as anti-aging antioxidant properties.

In 2019, stemming on the success of her self-formulated organic tanning line, Christina released TheONE, a self-tanning product that is now available worldwide, and is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. TheONE uses the same organic toning formulation that clients experience in her LA Studio. TheONE is already gaining large-scale recognition and influence, and is featured in the posts of many global influencers and celebrities.

ABronzTail is at the forefront of its worldwide brand recognition. In 2020, Christina is focused on launching two additional locations, additional products, and is currently in negotiations for brand partnerships. The journey of ABronzTail’s individualized and curated spa-like tanning experience has only just begun.

ABronzTail is not just a tan it’s a lifestyle. We welcome you to experience the difference today!